R. v. S.Q.P. 2021 Toronto OCJ

Charges: multiple firearm charges

Result: After multiple discussions with Crown Counsel and in light of new evidence Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia was able to secure a withdrawal of all charges and worked tirelessly to ensure that the client was released from custody the same day and able to see his family again

R. v. C.G. 2021 Newmarket SCJ

Charges: multiple firearm charges, multiple trafficking charges, and Failure to Comply

Result: Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia secured a release on a bail review by focusing on numerous Charter issues, a weakened crown case, and the need for the client to properly review disclosure with counsel.

R. v. D.B. 2020 Brampton SCJ

Charges: 1st degree murder

Result: Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia secured a bail for her client currently facing 1st degree murder charges. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the trial had to be retried and the client was stuck in jail with no way of reviewing disclosure or prepping with counsel. With a successful plan Ms. Gadhia was able to secure a release ensuring that the right to a fair trial would be upheld.

R. v. E.I. 2020 Toronto SCJ

Charges: multiple firearm charges

Result: Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia successfully argued the exclusion of a submachine gun (Uzi) after rigorous cross examination of the officers it became abundantly clear that the officers cut corners in order to end their shift earlier and searched the home without consent, and failed to give proper Rights to Counsel. The evidence was excluded and the client was acquitted on all charges.

R. v. J.J. 2019 Brampton, OCJ

Charges: Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference

Result:  Client found not guilty on all charges after Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia argued that the allegations were the result of the client’s partner wanting full custody and manipulating their young child into making these allegations.

R. v. I.Z. 2019 Toronto SCJ

Charges: Firearms charges

Result: Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia successfully had a gun excluded from evidence  due to Charter violations after officers arbitrarily detained her client for over 1 ½ hours in order to conduct their investigation.

R. v. S.E. 2018 Brampton, OCJ

Charges: Sexual Assault

Result: Client found not guilty of all charges after Senior Counsel R. Roots Gadhia shows the court that the complainant was lying about allegations. After a skillful cross-examination the Court found that the complainant had zero credibility.

R. v. A.N. 2021 Toronto SCJ

Charges: Sexual interference, Sexual Assault

Result: After a 3rd party records application was submitted to Crown Counsel, and upon review of the Application, the Crown agreed to a Peace Bond and all charges were withdrawn against the client saving him from a potentially lengthy sentence and being placed on the SOIRA list.

R. v. Z.T. 2021 Brampton OCJ

Charges: Robbery

Result: Counsel Paula Seymour conducted several discussions with the Crown to demonstrate there are weaknesses in the allegations made by witnesses, but more importantly the police violated the client’s Charter rights during their interview. The Crown ultimately agreed to withdraw the charge.

R. v. E.M. 2021 Peterborough OCJ

Charges: Assault with weapon, Assault

Result: An alleged altercation regarding a drug transaction led to our client being charged with assaulting a person with a hammer. Counsel Paula Seymour pointed to evidentiary issues regarding the credibility and reliability of the complainant, and the Crown ultimately agreed to withdraw the charge saving the client considerable time, resources and the stress of a trial.

R. v. J.M. 2020 Hamilton OCJ

Charges: Sex trafficking under 18, sexual assault under 18, forcible confinement, etc.

Result: Client was out on bail for firearms offences when he was arrested for the sex trafficking, rape and assault of a minor. Despite the seriousness of the allegations and the judge finding there was a substantial likelihood of him re-offending, Counsel Paula Seymour convinced the judge that her client can be released on bail under conditions that still allowed him to travel for work. All charges were subsequently stayed following a judicial pretrial and the first day of a preliminary hearing.

R. v. J.F. 2020 St. Catharines SCJ

Charges: Multiple sex trafficking of a minor offences.

Result: Client was charged with sex trafficking his under-18 year old girlfriend. At trial, the girlfriend denied the allegations so the Crown sought to rely on her police statement to prove our client’s guilt. However after a rigorous cross-examination of the officers and the girlfriend, Counsel Paula Seymour demonstrated the police forced her to lie and had the girlfriend’s statement excluded. Without the statement, the Crown had no evidence and the charges were dismissed. The client walked away free avoiding a lengthy penitentiary sentence.