RemyTop Dog

Remy, a Doberman/German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Rhodesian Ridgeback-mix, has been on duty at the Roots of Law office for several years perfecting his role as security chief.

More of a multi-disciplinarian than a specialist, Remy also performs a variety of other functions at the firm. An expert at providing his patented relaxation technique to others, Remy generously offers visitors the opportunity to choose to give him a scratch when he presents himself.

Remy assists the team by occasionally assuming the tough job of food taster. He also takes his assignment as an early visitor alert system seriously.

While he has made appearances in the background of Zoom court, Remy has ambition and keeps his coat nicely brushed and ready … just in case he gets called in live.


Introducing Marley, aka Bob Marley, our newest team member at Roots of Law. Marley will be taking on the role of company greeter. He has big aspirations and hopes to move up the ladder to branch manager of client relations.

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