R. v. L.L. 2021 Toronto OCJ

Charges: robbery charges along with unlawfully in a dwelling and Failure to Comply charges on three separate matters Result:  After reviewing the evidence and multiple discussions with crown counsel Counsel Sorina Cojocaru secured that all charges were to be withdrawn and a Peace Bond was entered into allowing the client to continue his employment and not […]

R. v. G.P. 2021 Toronto OCJ

Charges: Possession of cocaine heroin, and fentanyl for the purpose of trafficking Result: Client was facing multiple high quantities of fentanyl trafficking charges. After filing materials on Charter breaches crown counsel was required to re-assess the case and offered a 12 month Conditional Sentence. Client was able to receive multiple exceptions in order to continue working and care for […]

R. v. J.J. – 2021 Brampton

Charges: Expungment of name from the Child Abuse register Result: Due to criminal charges, that the client was acquitted of, counsel Sorina Cojocaru successfully argued that Peel Children’s Aid were required to remove the client’s name off their registry.

R. v. R.H. 2021 Newmarket OCJ

Charges: multiple residential Break and Enter, proceeds of crime, possession of instruments for a Break and Enter Results: after numerous discussions with Crown Counsel and Judicial Pretrials Counsel Sorina Cojocaru convinced the Crown to withdraw all charges due to lack of evidence tying her client to the alleged B&E. Charges withdrawn and client entered into a […]

R. v. S.O. 2021Toronto OCJ

Charges: Robbery, disguise with intent, possession of property obtained by crime Result:  Client facing multiple sets of robbery charges but released on bail in order to properly prepare for a defence against the allegations. Counsel was also able to further secure a bail variation to allow for exceptions to the bail for working and furthering his education while the proceedings […]

R. v. S.K. 2020 Toronto SCJ

Charges:  multiple drug and firearm charges Result:  Counsel Sorina Cojocaru successfully challenged the search warrant for the client’s home and had all items excluded. All charges withdrawn for client and co-accused due to successful Garofoli Application and the crown being left with no evidence to rely on at trial.

R. v. S.E. 2018, 2019 Toronto, Disciplinary Boards

Charges: disciplinary measures from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, College of Massage Therapists, and the College of Traditional Chinese medicine Practioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario Result: Due to criminal charges, the client faced disciplinary measures from the regulatory bodies he was a member of. Counsel Sorina Cojocaru successfully argued against the various Boards […]