R. v. R. R. 2021 Brampton OCJ

Charges: sexual assault and assault charges Result: Counsel Thaxsheni Brodie successfully challenged the Complainant’s Counsel’s application to cross-examine the Defendant during the s. 287 hearing. Based on counsel’s submissions, the Judge ruled that the complainant’s counsel does not have a right to cross-examine the Defendant.

R. v. J. G. 2021 Brampton

Charges: Weapons, Possession of fentanyl and other drugs for the purpose of trafficking Result: Client was facing charges for Possession for Purpose of Trafficking fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamines, Breach of Probation, and Possession of Proceeds, when client is arrested for Possession of a Firearm, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking fentanyl, and Breach of Probation. […]

R. v. A.C. 2020 Toronto West OCJ

Charges: Utter Threat Result: Through pre-trial discussions with the Crown Attorney, Counsel Thaxsheni Brodie was able to highlight the weaknesses in the allegations, such as the manner in which the complainant was using the Criminal Justice System to deny the client’s access to his son. Counsel was able to have the charges against the client withdrawn.

R. v. D.G. 2021 Toronto OCJ

Charges: Possession for the Purpose Result: Despite a lack of evidence to connect the client to the alleged substances, the Crown would not withdraw the charges and the matter was scheduled for trial. On the morning of trial, after the Crown’s unsuccessful attempt to have the client sign a Statutory Declaration to implicate his co-accused, […]

R. v. C.G. 2021 Newmarket OCJ

Charges: Possession of a weapon, Possession of cannabis Result: During initial pre-trial discussions, the Crown’s position was for the client to plead guilty to all charges with a recommendation of a jail sentence. After Counsel Thaxsheni Brodie filed a Charter Application to challenge the search of the client and his vehicle, the Crown changed their […]