Courts will “explode” thanks to crime bill, says Roots Gadhia


Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia says today’s introduction of the government’s socalled omnibus crime bill is evidence of the Tory majority “biting off its nose to spite its face.” Read Story

Says Gadhia: “How unfortunate that Canadian taxpayers aren’t being told the truth about the consequences of mandatory minimum sentences. Put aside for the moment, that discretion in sentencing will now be effectively removed from the judge hearing all the evidence, or that compassion and understanding in the courts will be moot as individuals will face the exact same sentence despite their very different circumstances.

“As retribution replaces rehabilitation, the courts, which are already overburdened, will explode. Where is the benefit to resolve a matter early? To take a deal, rather than take it to trial. If the mandatory minimum is what it is, then why not take the matter to trial and take your chances?”

Gadhia predictes that “jails will burst at the seams as people wait for their day in court.

Delay arguments will triple, as the courts try to deal with those who are willing now to wait it out. It will cost taxpayers significantly more to house inmates, transport them to and from court, pay detention guards, pay to build more jails, larger court houses, pay for more judges and Crown attorneys, bankrupt the legal aid system, pay for and staff the courts.”

Gadhia asks: “Was there thought to the long-term costs?”

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