Crown Pre-Trial and Judicial Pre-Trial with Roots Gadhia

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“The idea of collecting evidence yourself: Many of our cases now are cases in which there is video surveillance, you need to understand how important that is. So, for example, your client says to you, “I couldn’t have been there because I was actually grocery shopping at the Metro at this location ,” – get the video from the Metro at that time!….Don’t ask the police to go find it for you because you’d be surprised at how things just disappear if you’re not on top of it.”

R. Roots Gadhia is a criminal defence lawyer in private practice in Toronto. Always an advocate for the underdog, Roots represents clients facing criminal proceedings ranging from drug offences, sexual and aggravated assaults to manslaughter and murder. Learn about Roots’ approach to a Crown Pre-Trial and Judicial Pre-Trial.

Produced by: Zenia Sethna and Jason Cooper

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