JPs’ jobs too complex for nepotism, says Gadhia

A private member’s bill that would force Ontario’s justices of the peace to meet higher standards for work, is a positive step forward that the province’s criminal lawyers will embrace, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read National Post Story

“This is an excellent move and one that I believe the criminal defense bar specifically, and the criminal justice system generally, will wholeheartedly adopt,” says Gadhia, a Toronto sole practioner.

“The role of justices of the peace has changed dramatically, requiring them to preside over matters involving individual freedoms and liberties, as well as complex legal issues,” says Gadhia.

“Gone are the days when the premier’s chauffeur could be appointed to sit and adjudicate matters involving an individual’s liberty,” she says. “That type of nepotism has for too long allowed inexperienced and uneducated civil servants to make decisions that have long term consequences.

“There is no doubt that this private member’s bill, if passed, will raise the standard and improve the effectiveness of the Ontario justice system,” says Gadhia.

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